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It is important to note that once my friend decided to swap machines with me we both spoke to representatives at the dealer requesting our information to be updated in their computer system. We were later told it wasn’t possible to do but that if we ever needed service we could just bring the machines in and they would look them up under the orinal names and service them accordingly. At the time I was rather inexperienced and I didn’t understand why it was happening. It was sporadic and there wasn’t much I could do to fix it other than rethread the machine and hope for the best when I started the desn again.

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The dealer my Topaz 20 was purchased from had inexperienced people on the floor selling machines they had no idea how to use. I don’t review products before they are tested and I won’t badmouth a company unless they refuse to fix a known issue in a timely manner.

Why I will never again purchase or recommend Husqvarna

Why I will never again purchase or recommend Husqvarna

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If the person selling you the machine doesn’t know how to work it you need to leave, immediately.

Viking designer 1 repair manual:

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