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Buyer beware - There are alot of Fake Motorola H5 / now new model known as H9 floting on ebay. The retail price for the H700 is between $99 - $129 at the stores.

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However, the package was not sealed when I first got it. It has the correct lht sequences as described in the manual (Red to Yellow to Green when charging. If you didn't have an orinal item next to it to compare, there is no way an average person can tell the difference.

Pairing the H800 headset with a <i>Bluetooth</i> device - Logitech Support.

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For starter, here are some pictures of the two headsets, can you tell the difference? I have to say the counterfit item is quite good, it came in Motorola's orinal packaging, see below. I had no problem at all charging and pairing it with my phone.

Gadget Review Motorola H700 Bluetooth Handsfree Headset.

But the old adage is true, if some thing looks too good to be true, it probably is.

User manual for bluetooth h700:

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