Uic model 5011 coulometer manual

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Transport-reaction modeling of dissolved metabolite concentrations will allow us to quantify rates of principal net activities in the sediment (e.g., reductions of O, Mn[IV], and Fe[III]) (Jørgensen, 2006).

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Concentration data will also allow us to calculate mineral stabilities and, in anoxic sediment, to test thermodynamic models of metabolic competition (Hoeer et al., 2000; Wang et al., 2010).

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Chemical data (e.g., the position of the coride maximum from the Last Glacial Maximum) and thermal data will be used to help model this transport (D’Hondt et al., 2004).


We undertook key biogeochemical analyses on the ship and collected appropriate samples for critical postcruise biogeochemical studies.

Uic model 5011 coulometer manual:

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