Tekonsha voyager brake controller owner's manual

Tekonsha Primus Iq Brake Controller Instructions

Electronic Brake Control For 2, 4, 6* and 8* brake applications Components of the Brake Control A.

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Too little power can place undue stress on a tow vehicle's braking system, while too much power may cause trailer brakes to lock up while stopping.

<i>Tekonsha</i> - Trailer <i>Brake</i> Control - Proportional

Tekonsha - Trailer Brake Control - Proportional

The Tekonsha Voyager model electric brake controller is a simple in-cab controller that allows drivers to adjust the power to their trailer's brakes from the comfort of the driver's seat.


Make several slow (25 MPH) stops as if coming up to a stop sn and take notice of how the trailer brakes respond: ✓ Brakes Grab Too Much❑ You have an Aggressive Setting: To correct this condition rotate level knobclockwise, toward you, see below.

Tekonsha voyager brake controller owner's manual:

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