Sundash 2 genesis tanning bed manual

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The key is to count your lamps, make sure what size they are, and have this ready when it comes time to order lamps.

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You MUST first determine what size you need by looking on the lamp, or on the label on the bed. If your tanning bed has one or more hh pressure facial lamps (the blue plate over your face) then you may also need F59 lamps in front of those.

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They are all 100 watts, and they twist into place like common office fluorescent lamps. These have a black plastic cap and spring in and out of place.

Really Tan - How To Get Really Tan

For the rest of us, this should clear up some confusion when you are looking to upgrade your existing tanning bed with new lamps. All Sun Quest, Sun Vision, Virtual Sun, Alpha Sun, Sun Master (except a few 32 lamp models), Soleil, Supreme, Alisun, Pro Sun and similar beds use this size lamp.

Sundash 2 genesis tanning bed manual:

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