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If the bookstore of a local college carries used books or has a remainder table or clearance sale, you mht be able to pick up a good handbook for college composition classes for a few dollars, considerably less than the $35 or more you would spend on a new copy of the Chicago Manual of Style. Once you get used to how things are arranged, though, it's amazing what you can find. The book is easy to use and quite readable considering how much information is packed into it; the index contains over 2500 entries (referring the user to numbered paragraphs and to pages). Cleverly divided into sections devoted to grammar, word choice, pronunciation, social labels, gender issues, scientific terms, and electronic communication. It makes interesting connections between the choices we make in sentence structures (with an especially useful chapter on long and short sentences) and the EFFECT of those structures on our prose. (78 pages in the orinal paperback, now up to 105 with new prefatory material, but the price is also five times the $1.25 I paid for my second edition! And it's a very stylisy written book, eminently readable.

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It is surely wise to browse through these books in the reference section of your library (or to spend a lot of time sprawled on the floor of your favorite bookshop) before deciding to buy. This book is surprisingly useful, but it takes some time to get used to having everything alphabetized (there is no index). Sabin does a thorough job of distinguishing between the essential principles of writing and the nitty-gritty details. The book is tiny, compared to its behemoth brothers listed on this page, but its chapter on concise writing is worth volumes (there's a paradox for you! There are millions of copies of this book in circulation, and you mht be able to pick up Elements of Style for a couple of dollars in a used bookstore. This little volume is not really a grammar book; it is, as the title says, a book on style, the "last acquirement of the educated mind" (Whitehead ed it) — writing with clarity, grace, variety, and energy.

Grammar English's Annotated Bookshelf - Capital Community College

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Some grammar handbooks will only give you the rules of writing, without a great deal of explanation; a book like Kolln's (relatively easy to understand) or Klammer's (for the advanced college student), on the other hand, will immerse the reader in a thorough understanding of how those rules came to be. (864 pages)The Gregg Reference Manual by William A. GRM contains advice on altering templates in today's software packages (for stationery, etc.) to individual needs. There may be grammatical issues that the editors haven't touched upon, but I haven't found them yet. This text is out of print, but you mht be able to find it in the reference section of a used bookshop. (290 pages)The Careful Writer: A Modern Guide to English Usage Theodore Bernstein. On the other hand, its liberal analysis and advice (based primarily on Bernstein's experience as New York Times editor) makes for lively reading. This manual doesn't spend a lot of time explaining or citing authorities or examples; it just tells how words and phrases ought to be used, and for that reason there's a lot of information packed within its pages. Wilson does a thorough and scholarly job of distinguishing among the levels of American usage in both written (formal [or edited], semiformal, and informal) and spoken language (oratorical, planned, impromptu, casual, and intimate). The guidelines for publication (for articles and books) go into every conceivable detail. She uses diagramming, which many readers, especially visual learners and older folks who built sentence diagrams back in the good old days, will find refreshing. This book does not use the diagramming of Kolln's earlier text (see above). (240 pages)Torn Wings and Faux Pas: a Flashbook of Style, a Beastly Guide Through the Writer's Labyrinth by Karen Elizabeth Gordon. This is Gordon's explanation of the word "console" (in contrast to "condole"): Nothing I tried seemed to assuage his sufferings: I utterly failed to console him. People in England went nuts over this book — it actually became a bestseller — and now (April 2004), it's easily available in the U. This is not a handbook, and the actual practical advice you get out of it could be boiled down to a few pages. A great program for the developmental writer, with nearly 200 applications for testing one's knowledge as one goes along.

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They are simply listed in the order in which Grammar English grabs a book off the shelf — and that can depend on the question being asked. The word people attach to this book is venerable; some people mht use overbearing, instead.

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