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When you do, the Graph Function menu appears BEFORE USING THE CALCULATOR FOR THE FIRST TIME... CFX-9850(9950)GB PLUS, fx-9750G PLUS CFX-9850G PLUS 7. u To adjust the contrast •Use f and c to m ABOUT THE COLOR DISPLAY CFX The display uses three colors: orange, blue, and green, to make data easier to understand.

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Fx-9750G PLUSCFX-9850G PLUSCFX-9850GB PLUSCFX-9950GB PLUSUser’s Guide E fx-9750G PLUS owners... REPLAY FEATURES With the replay feature, simply press d or e to re the last calculation that was performed.

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You can skip any information that has this mark next to it. The symbol “ { ” is used to separate the various parts of a fraction.

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This manual covers the operations of various different calculator models. This res the calculation so you can make changes or re-execute it as it is. 7 Indicates 6 / 144 Converting a Mixed Fraction to an Improper Fraction d/c While a mixed fraction is shown on the display, press !

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