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An Enchanting Imperial Tale for Unison and 2-Part Voices. * Reproducible Student Pages and Staging Suggestions included.

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The piano music symbolises the drama which is to be pantomined without dialogue only a narrator part.

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A New library opens with new computers The Old reference books seem to be nored --- but a virus infects the computers and show their fallibility. ALSO Reproducible Activities -$29.95 One act play utilizes upbeat music, movement and dialogue to present facts about the lost world of dinosaurs in South Dakota's Badlands. Accompaniment/Performance CD available Director's Score Unison elementary musical with optional orff instrumentation with CD trax Run away to Treble Clef Island where Freddie the Frog and Eli the Elephant save the REd brass Army Ants, Blue Beetle Bugs and Damselflies Using the Grimm fairy tale of the witch who turned a Prince into a frog, who is freed from this evil by the innocence of a Princess & his loyal friend who meets the witch.

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This could be performed by adults using a basso profundo for the lines of the villain & a tenor for the bumblebee and altos & soprano for the insects etc. 15 minutes This musical is based on the story by R. Price "Secret of the Purple Stone" a must read before performing A pirate tale with treasurers and exploration of the sea All in a single package with performance Back Track CD 8 songs in 25 minutes for K-grade 3 levels Operetta/Musical - The 'baddies' of well-known stories (eg.

Fluke 62 mini manual pdf:

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