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Please, if you enjoy the site, consider adding us to your Ad Block whitelist—it really does make a difference. The aim of this thread is to follow the exploits of the Hohenzollern dynasty from 1066 to 1945. Crusader Kings will only be minorly modded (hardly noticeable), but I will be snificantly modifying Europa Universalis and Victoria with balancing measures and plot-driving events and decisions.

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Though the ultimate aim of this LP will be a unified Germany under Hohenzollern rule, it will not pursue strictly historical routes to do so - much like the Hohenzollerns of real history, we will grasp whatever opportunities come out way in our attempt to claw our way up from an insnificant feudal county to rulers of the German Empire. This ultimately means less territory taken in wars and overall a somewhat slower pace of gameplay, but thankfully I can leave the less interesting parts out of updates.

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