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The painted bolt heads must be pointing out with the nuts facing the dish base. With the remaining four bolts simply insert the lnb arm onto the dish base and aln the four bolt holes. The LNB head attaches to the satellite LNB arm with a manual lever. If you are going to connect a satellite meter to the LNB you may want to use a small 24 Inch RG6 cable jumper. A 24 Inch RG6 Jumper cable is included with the RV satellite kit New Gen2 Picture shown below. Your satellite kit includes a bubble level to aln your wall mast or tripod mast. The satellite receiver will calculate your Azimuth/Elevation/ and Tilt Numbers to set your satellite dish to. The receiver will begin to download the program guide.

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Assembly and installation instructions for the Direc TV Slimline Dish and Slimline RV kit. This will ensure your mast is perfectly straht and ready to receive the satellite dish.*This type of satellite meter is only compatible with the SL3 and SL5 (4 Output LNB Head). Insert the plastic bubble level into the top of the pole. The satellite dish when pointed must have a clear line of sht at the sky. (Satellite Dish Elevation numbers marked Elev on swivel base.) 3* Tilt (Marked Tilt on the top of swivel base) this is a left to rht circular movement. Please for recommendations based on you satellite dish type.

Guide for Using <i>DIRECTV</i> SWM Technology with. - Solid

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Make sure the air bubble is inside the center ring. The mast pole has two different size ends Direc TV requires the larger of the two pointing up. 1* Azimuth (Compass Direction Number) 2* Elevation ELEV. Ounce this if finished select exit and begin watching the best HD programing available! Sat also offers satellite meters to make you satellite dish pointing a snap.

Direct tv slimline manual:

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