Department of state foreign affairs manual (fam)

Foren affairs manual (9 fam) Foren Affairs Manual 9, Chapter 41 relates to nonimmrant visas. Chapter 40 relates to visa inelibilities and waivers.

Foren Affairs Manual

The Foren Service Act of 1980 mandated a comprehensive revision to the operation of the Department of State and the personnel assned to the US Foren Service.

Foren <i>Affairs</i> <i>Manual</i> U. S. <i>Department</i> of <i>State</i>

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1 FAM 310-360 contains documentation pertaining to the following administrative components: - 310 Bureau of Legislative Affairs - 320 Bureau of Public Affairs - 330 Bureau of International Organization Affairs - 340 Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs - 350 Bureau of International Information Programs - 360 Office of Medical Services License: No license information was provided.

Foren Affairs Manual 41.81 Notes - Law Office of Bobby C. Chung

Changes to the Department's organizational structure or the way it conducts U. Government business will usually trger the need to update the FAM or FAHs.

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