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It offers thirty-one 1/3-octave bands of graphic equalization from 20Hz to 20k Hz — but more importantly, it offers real-time analysis of your audio system.

Demonstração funcionamento do Equalizador Behringer Ultracurve.

While poking around on Behringer’s web site, I came across their discontinued DSP8024 dital equalizer.

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Behringer ULTRA-CURVE PRO DSP8024 Manuals

I’m interested in faithful audio reproduction on my home stereo, not just sheer loudness; and even if I don’t end up choosing to stay there, I’ve always wanted to start with a flat frequency response — that is, every pitch that’s played back coming out of the speakers (more to the point, reaching the listener) at the same volume.

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Connect a reference microphone and turn on auto-equalization and it plays pink noise through your speakers and adjusts the EQ to give you flat response.

Behringer ultracurve pro 8024 manual:

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