2008 impala lt owners manual

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All in all I am very satisfied with the power and luxury of this auto, will write more if that changes.... Many other features to like such as smooth transmission, turn snals on rear view mirrors, great sounding radio with XM, comfortable seats. (All I had done to besides regular service , was brakes, and tires once, traded it with150,000 miles). ( Besides regular service and a set of tires ) traded it with 65,000 miles on it for a 2016 model. When my car unexpectedly died last month, I was thrown into the car market.

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Time will tell how it handles on the rain and snow, I have read there are some problems there with traction. at my dealer, not very professional, but that is an easy fix just changed where I will get it serviced. ( with a V6 ) Looks and drives great, with plenty of room (I am 6'2" ). I have either been 3X lucky or these are just great cars.

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But it came with electrical issues and transmission problems. One minor complaint, owners manuel comes with no nice case and even without it does not fit in any front seat compartments (including the glove box). The Impala has the hhest Consumer Reports rating for a non-luxury sedan. Then, in the month of June, GM offered 20% cash back on Impalas. The Impala I bought is loaded: V6 engine, Navation, Leather Seats, Sunroof, Adaptive Cruise Control, 20" Wheels. On the other hand, the trunk is even more caverness than first perceived. I had a Chevy Malibu LT prior and I wish the Impala LT had ambient lhting in the dashboard like my Malibu did. After just under 4 months my left brake/ turn snal lht went out. Periodiy my park brake lht comes on when I get in a start my car. My radio has turned off by itself, never froze or anything just shut off.

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One thing I have notices as I do a lot of hhway driving is rock chips, the paint does not seem to hold up to rocks being thrown up on the hhway, never had this problem with my Chryslers, I also have a 2015 Camaro that I 3Md with clear plastic on the spots prone to rock chips, wish I had done to my Impala. Everything that counts is included with this package. I typiy take a long time to decide, but this time, I needed a car. In the first six months and 13,000 miles of owning my brand new 2016 Impala, I have had a bad gas tank sensor, a failure in the power steering computer, and a one-time an air intake warning.

2008 impala lt owners manual:

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