Training manual for jihadis

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The book instead suggests that supporters should trim their beards into fashionable goatees to fit in better with society.

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By Theodore Shoebat A leaked jihadist text book teaches ISIS terrorists how to filtrate America and other Western nations by disguising oneself as an Westerner, in order to slaughter Americans and other Westerners.

Dementia Care <strong>Training</strong> <strong>Manual</strong> For Staff Working In Nursing And.

Islamic State manual tells jihadis to "Pretend to be Christian"

The ebook, which contains 11 chapters, advises extremists in the west not to show any sns that they’re devout Muslims so that they do not raise suspicion from national and local law enforcement agencies.

Dementia Care Training Manual For Staff Working In Nursing And.

But if supporters have grown their beards out, they are advised not to shave their beard completely because that would drive suspicion from friends and family.

Training manual for jihadis:

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