Toyota moonroof manual closing

How to open /close moon/sun ROOF when switch won't work-EASY.

You'd get a car that looks like something my brother would own. Its roof leaks, too, but I fixed it by drilling a hole in the floor so the water can drain out.

Toyota Corolla Questions - sunroof won't

The blue-book value for my car appears to be about $3,500, which means I'll be investing about half its value in a repair.

<em>Toyota</em> Corolla Questions - sunroof won't

Stuck sunroof - YouTube

The Toyota repair guy says it will cost $1,700 to replace the motor and cables ($1,400 for parts, $300 labor).

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Sunroof? Angie's

Leaving the sunroof unrepaired or closed isn't an option -- I live in San Francisco, and unless there's an absolute downpour, I have the roof open.

Toyota moonroof manual closing:

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