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Didn't think I would find a "car" that I would actually like, until I saw the 2012 Ford Focus. Read Full Review When talking about cars, “trims” is a way of differentiating between different versions of the same model.

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By Editors The compact Ford Focus has been sold in the U. When test-driving the 2012 Focus hatchback, I felt like I had two personalities, "College Sara" and "Family Sara." College Sara liked its updated, racy looks with its large grille and swoopy taillhts, but it wasn't quick enough fro...

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Free Ford Focus Owners Manual

Hybrid, for example) or transmission are included, trim names change and prices go up.


Typiy, most start with a no-frills, or “base” trim, and as features are added, or a different engine, drivetrain (gas vs.

2012 ford focus maintenance manual:

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