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To sync mail, calendar, and contacts with Zimbra Mobile, see Moble_Device_Setup and the Motorola Q guide to Setting up Microsoft® Exchange Server Active Sync Email.

Manual - VE. Direct to Bluetooth Smart dongle -

Here are the steps that need to be taken to setup a Moto Q with Verizon: • Set Incoming Server to the external address of your Zimbra server • Check the box for Require SSL connection • Set Outgoing Server to sp.• Check the box that the Outgoing server requires authentication • Go into Outgoing Server Settings • Check the box that says "Use different use name for outgoing server" • Under username, use @(for example [email protected]).

<strong>Manual</strong> - VE. Direct to Bluetooth Smart dongle -

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• Check the box to save the password • Make sure that the require SSL box is not checked • Click Done, then next It will ask if you want to connect.

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Click yes, then enter the password you obtained from the Verizon web site above.

Motorola moto q manual:

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