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The disclosure in XBRL format will be submitted as an exhibit along with the traditional electronic filing formats in ASCII or HTML.

International Financial Reporting Standards A Practical Guide, 5th.

§232.405 discusses content requirements and states that Interactive Data exhibit include no more no less than information in the elements of the primary financial statements, footnotes and financial statement schedules.

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These rules will apply to domestic and foren companies using U. GAAP and to foren private issuers using International Financial Reporting Standards as issued by the International Accounting Standards Board. IMPACTED DISCLOSURES: The XBRL data will be required, as an exhibit, with a company's annual and quarterly reports, transition reports, and Securities Act registration statements as well as reports on Form 8-K or Form 6-K that contain revised or updated financial statements.

Summary of Annual Report and Accounts Guidance and Public.

GAAP filers will be required to select tags from the most recent list of tags for U. financial statement reporting, as released by XBRL U. and required by the EDGAR Filer Manual This would be accomplished by tagging the footnotes using four different levels of detail: During the first year submissions, the company will be required to tag at level 1 only.

International financial reporting manual:

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