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Reproduction, adaptations, or translation without prior written permission is prohibited except as allowed under copyrht laws. When the top cover is closed after the printer has detected a toner low condition, the ne Ch RTRilmj E:::::! When you replace an empty or low toner cartridge, press Item repeatedly until NEUi Ch RTRi DGE^^^^m-io appears. Use the brush to brush off toner particles from the density sensor and the erase lamp. EN Cleaning procedures 115 Cleaning the toner catch tray The toner catch tray will not normally have much toner in it.

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HEWLETT-PACKARD SPECIFIY DISCLAIMS THE IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. GOVERNMENT USERS: RESTRICTED RHTS COMMERCIAL COMPUTER SOFTWARE: "Use, duplication, or disclosure by the Government is subject to restrictions as set forth in subparagraph (c) (1)(ii) of the Rhts in cal Data Clause at DEARS 52.227-7013." Compu Serve is a U. Location of consumabies in printer 1 Color toner cartridges 7 Air filters 2 Black toner cartridge 8 Transfer charger 3 Imaging drum 9 Pick-up/feed rollers 4 Cleaning roller 10 Charcoal filter 5 Transfer belt 11 Fuser 6 Transfer drum HP encourages responsible disposal of HP printer consumables through its printing supplies recycling program.

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Part number C7096-90967 First edition, April 2000 Printed in USA The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. Note You can also use a hand wipe to clean the density sensor. 114 Chapter 4 - Printer maintenance EN Cleaning the transfer charger Clean the transfer charger when irregular wavy patterns appear in solid backgrounds. Clean the toner catch tray before moving the printer to another location or when performing routine maintenance at the customer site. 2 Remove the toner catch tray cover by releasing the tab on the rht side of the cover with a small screwdriver. Removing the toner catch tray cover 116 Chapter 4 - Printer maintenance EN WARNING! 4 Vacuum toner out of the tray, or use a hand wipe to clean the tray if there is a small amount of toner in the tray. The toner can penetrate the vacuum bag, and toner mht be harmful if inhaled. Cleaning the toner catch tray 5 Reinstall the toner catch tray and cover, and close the front door.

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Copyrht Information Warranty Trademark Credits © 2000 Hewlett-Packard Company All Rhts Reserved. Photoshop and Post Script® are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated. Hewlett-Packard Company 11311 Chinden Boulevard Boise, Idaho 83714 USA Table of Contents 1 Product information Chapter contents 19 Introduction 21 Printer features 22 Specifications 24 Site requirements 27 IVIedia requirements 29 Identification (model and serial numbers) 38 Printer Information 39 Safety information 46 2 Service approach Chapter contents 59 Introduction 61 Parts and supplies 61 Ordering 62 cal assistance 64 Warranty 69 3 Operational overview Chapter contents 71 Verifying package contents 73 Verifying the cables are installed 74 Connecting the printer to the network 76 Changing the printer control panel overlay 79 Printer control panel layout 80 Menu maps 82 Selecting the display language 97 Installing the consumables 98 Confuring input trays 1 03 Verifying the printer is installed correctly 105 Verifying DIMM installation 106 Duplex registration (HP Color Laser Jet 8550) 107 Booklet printing 1 09 HP Toner Gauge (HP Color Laser Jet 8550) 110 EN 4 Printer maintenance Chapter contents 111 Cleaning procedures 113 Printer consumables 118 5 Tiieory of operation Chapter contents 1 33 Introduction 1 35 Color theory 138 Image formation 141 Consumable detection mechanisms 154 Electrical systems 1 64 Mechanical systems 1 69 Paper path 178 Printer timing 1 92 EPH controller board 1 99 Duplexer 1 99 2,000-sheet input unit 199 Multi-bin mailbox 205 3,000-sheet stapler/stacker 21 1 6 Removal and replacement Chapter contents 217 Introduction 222 Maintenance units 224 Doors and covers 225 Top assemblies 245 Front assemblies 251 Left assemblies 253 Rht assemblies 261 Rear assemblies 270 2,000-sheet input unit 298 Multi-bin mailbox 314 3,000-sheet stapler/stacker and 3,000-sheet stacker 338 4 Contents en 7 Troubleshooting Chapter contents 363 Pre-troubleshooting checklist 367 Printer message troubleshooting 368 Aids to troubleshooting 415 Paper path troubleshooting 433 Image formation troubleshooting 438 Image defects troubleshooting 441 Color balance adjustment 457 Repetitive defects troubleshooting 462 Repetitive defects troubleshooting 463 2,000-sheet input unit troubleshooting 469 Multi-bin mailbox troubleshooting 477 3,000-sheet stapler/stacker troubleshooting 482 Communications troubleshooting 502 Diagrams 503 8 Parts and diagrams Chapter contents 509 Overview 511 Ordering parts 511 Illustrations and parts lists 516 Numerical parts list 574 Alphabetical parts list 587 Index EN Contents 5 6 Contents en List of Fures Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu e 1 . Example of printer model number and serial number label (110 V and 220 V) 38 e 3. Resetting the HP Toner Gauge After a new toner cartridge is installed, the user must reset the HP Toner Gauge from the control panel. message is displayed on the control panel for approximately 30 seconds. ■;■■ Note If the neui CHRTRi LM-ii E^^^^M-io message is no longer displayed on the control panel and you have replaced one or more of the toner cartridges, then press Menu repeatedly until Cu MFni GURHTTu N appears. 3 Slide the post charger unit cleaner across the bar several times. 2 On the inside of the door, locate the density sensor and the density sensor brush.

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