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Using any particular categories, you can search through all the issues by doing the following: Do a "find" (ctrl-f) to go to a particular category for all monty issues. Mary's Interfaith Dining Hall About Lions The Final Inspection The Dream Act Immrants often unpaid for Katrina work, click Inside the House: Hispanics Subs Differ by Age Hispanics Still Trailing in Bachelor's Degrees Researchers tally cost of educational failings Latest Texas Attrition Data on Schools Google Makes Public Domain Books Accessible To The World, click ANTI-SPANISH LEGENDS SURNAME DESSOMMES-RGNIER Knht Ridder Newspaper reporter, Banks Albach Western Lifestyle, mini-article by Morgan P. New website: Spanish Contributions to the American Revolution PATRIOTS OF PUNTA DE LAMPAZOS by Granville Hough, Ph. New Column: Spanish Sons of the American Revolution In addition to Granville sharing his continual flow of research, Granville has agreed to keep us informed monty about what is happening in world-wide activities recognizing the Spanish contributions in the American Revolution.

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CALIFORNIA Hispanic Births An 1800 Comment on Education in California Educational Order 13230 Martinez History Center California Pioneer Spanish-Mexican Families of Early California Golden Land of Promise First Expedition into California, 1769-1770 What's New in California Pages California Stagecoach Driver Women and Power in Alta California: 1790-1835 Hispanic Soldiers in California NORTHWESTERN UNITED STATES U. Basque Oral History Project - Oroitzapenak (Memories) SOUTHWESTERN UNITED STATES Arizona calendar Arizona's Electronic Atlas Arizona's Parents of the Year Mexican residents with U. Post Office Boxes Epidemics: Tubac Through Four Centuries Los Cerrillos Mining Area San Felipe de Neri Church Tucson Presidio Colorado Family Certificates Society of American Indians TEXAS Texas State Vital Records Lower Rio Grande Valley Historical Collection Texas First Families Catholic Archives of Texas The Evolution of the Alamo Hugh O'Connor A History of Laredo Resources for Texas Colonial Period Index to Texas Probate Records Robert Bruce Blake Collection, 1528-1941 EAST OF THE MISSISSIPPI Bus Depot Mural Spotlhts Mexico Message from the Canary Islands Are you Melugeon? 17th: History, symbology, & styles of Taxco and Mexican jewelry CALIFORNIA Mission San Juan Capistrano's celebration of he 229th anniversary Bancroft's California Pioneer Register and Index Great California resources site Los Californianos Quarterly Meeting, January 20-22, 2006 World Premiere of California's Lost Tribes Guillermo Gmez-Pea to invoke Intercultural Demons, Dec. born and raised Power of Attorney by Soldiers at the Presidio de San Antonio de Bexar Last Will and Testament of Dna Maria nacia Urrutia Title of Nobility Abstract: Texas Land Grant Search Tejano Monument stalled after funding glitch Dallas-Ft.

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Genealogy Search in Cemeteries Newly Arrived into North Carolina MEXICO Spain's Patriots of Northwestern New Spain Vatican Recognizes Juan Diego's Sainthood Actas Sacamentales del Slo XVI Relacion de Michoacan El Registro Agrario Nacional Zacatecas Indios, Mineros, Peones y Maestros Mexican Vendors Libaneses en Mexico Money and the Mexican Revolution Catholic Missions and Military Presidios Tlaxcala Indians Researching Latin American Women's History Contreras and Cavazos Families Jos Len Robles de la Torre New Area Codes in Mexico Baja California Santa Gertrudis, Baja California Catalogo del Archivo de La Villa de Leon CARIBBEAN/CUBA Lost City Found INTERNATIONAL Spanish Lottery Spreads Wealth Spanish Website Archivo Biografico de Espaa Sources for Latin American Studies Pro Quest Dital Dissertations Basque Emration to the Americas HISTORY LEYENDAS DE MI PUEBLO MISCELLANEOUS Juan J. Symbol, Latino Muscle Changes in "Ethnic" Media Midwest Consortium for Latino Research Smithsonian to collect farm workers' Statue of Liberty Back Pay For 'Braceros' Passed First Hurdle History of the Cinco de Mayo Gvtirreiz-Soyde family SURNAME: DEMARA ORANGE COUNTY Judge Fredrick P. Baca Park Named LOS ANGELES, CA Cinco de Mayo Celebration Latino Immrant Bike safety Survey Seaver Center CALIFORNIA France A. 2-3rd NORTHWESTERN UNITED STATES Don Quixote celebrates 400th birthday at BYU A league of their own: Basketball brings a culture, community together SOUTHWESTERN UNITED STATES Poet Lalo Delgado was Seminal Fure in Rise of Chicano Literature Edmundo Martinez Tostado aka Don Tosti and Pacho Bogie Along Those Lines . .musical genealogy Saints and Seasons, A Guide to New Mexicos Most Popular Saints BLACK Black and White Elizabeth Jennings, July 16, 1854 Historia de Estevanico el Moro INDENOUS Texas and Northeastern Mexico, 1630 - 1690 Moctezuma's Children, Aztec Royalty under Spanish Rule Libro de Conquista A Book About A Salvadoran Indenous Language National American Indian Heritage Month, 2005 Writer Taiaiake Alfred urges freedom from colonial thinking Indenous Peoples Particularly Vulnerable to Disaster Indian and African Ancestry: A Play SEPHARDIC Interviews by Gloria Golden with: Juan Estevan Arellano Kim Delgado Book: Remnants of Crypto-Jews Among Hispanic American Floricanto Press, Mountain View, California, 94041 (c) 2005 Gloria Golden, [email protected] Mexicans study their roots, begin to worship, eye to Sephardic past TEXAS 1st Annual Birthday Celebration in Honor of Adina De Zavala - 1861-1955 Angel of Goliad Descendants Coin Information 27th annual Hispanic State Genealogical Conference We are Tejanos, U. Worth Region Attracts Immrants From All Over EAST OF THE MISSISSIPPI Latino Immrants Often Unpaid for Katrina Work Spanish Forces in Louisiana & West Florida in Spain's 1776-1783 Conflicts with England EAST COAST Hispanics in Federal Service: A Historical Synopsis, 1965-2005 Peter Reginato art Florida Farmworkers Face Uncertain Season MEXICO Revised and enlarged: Nuevo Dcconario Bogrfico de Coahula New Book: Elizondo, Pobladores del Septentrin Novohispano New Book: Baptisms in Tamaulipas: Cruillas, 1800-1821 and San Fernando de las Presas, 1810-1826 Compartir sus recuerdos: Don Jos Len Robles de la Torre Don Jos Guadalupe Cervantes Corona, Gobernador, Zacatecas, 1980-1986 Memorial of Captain Cristobal de Zaldivar Ortega en Mexico Pentland-Salcido Family: A Sonoran Family History Gallery Revolutionary Heroes Remembered in the Names of Three States Ringside Seat to the Mexican Revolution! SPAIN HISPAGN, Asociacin de Genealoga Hispana Cirujanos del primer viaje de Colon Royal Birth in Spain Los hermanos Cermeo Simon Lopez Spanish Martyrs in New York Harbor Prison Ships INTERNATIONAL Hispanic World Portal Fuenterrebollo Latino Studies Resources "Innocent Voices"a movie Google Internation Expansion Arbol Genealogico de Rosa Mara Guadarrama, El Hierro, Islas Canarias HISTORY Mexicans in the U. Civil War War of 1812 Service Records Reading a Statue FAMILY HISTORY A personal visit to Google Google Makes Public Domain Books Accessible To The World Google Gives the Library of Congress $3 million got 'dital library' MSN Readies Book-Searching Service History of the use of Soundex for the Census Records Surname to Soundex Coder - Converts English only Fun family tree charts for Kids ...

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Return to the home page to go to the desired Somos Primos monty issue. A grandfather, Joseph de Urrutia, was the commanding officer, 1735, of the royal presidio of San Antonio de Bexar Click to Texas.

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