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BENCHER EZ-1 Cables CW, EZ1 - Ham Radio

I then wire the jack using PTFE (Teflon) insulated wire and install the jack. The jack is wired so that the rht paddle is the ring on the jack. This can be easily changed, but is the normal standard.

Definitely spend a couple of hours practicing before you go on the air.

Morse Code

Please HELP with new Bencher BY-1 paddles!

Many her end Morse Code Keys (aka "Iambic" Paddles) now come with a 1/8" stereo mini-jack, instead of a hard wired cord.

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The salesguy from HRO assured me you just hook the paddles into the radio and you're CW'ing within minutes. Do I need to head for my local Radio Shack and buy some kind of wire-set? All you need is a stereo plug for the keyer jack, a three wire cable to the paddles, and a few minutes to fure out what is what. When you got the rht paddle producing dits and the left one producing dahs, or the other way around if you prefer, you are set.

Bencher by-1 keyer manual:

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