Kenmore 700 series dryer repair manual

Kenmore 700 Series Dryer Manual -

We moved into the house 16 months ago and used it often before now without issue. I think the end pin or whatever was stopping it fell off and the belt flipped off.

Kenmore 700 Series Dryer Repair Manual -

Before I pulled the plug, I moved it back and forth and the lht inside went on and off. You are talking to a non-electrician (ie: I am doing what you tell me, but beyond that I don't know what I'm doing). Bryan, When I was in there, I can't tell what number it is (I think #13) the part the belt goes around between #18 and #20, was just barely hanging on axel.

<i>Kenmore</i> <i>700</i> <i>Series</i> <i>Dryer</i> <i>Manual</i> -

Kenmore 700 Series Dryer Manual -

Kenmore 700 Series dryer: Mod 110.67761600, Heavy Duty, King-Sized Capacity, Quiet Pak II has started to make some noise while running.

I have a Kenmore 700 Series dryer Mod

The lht is still on inside, but when I set the time, heat, etc and hit "push to start" there is nothing. This appears still in place and moves back and forth to the touch (as if the door is hitting it).

Kenmore 700 series dryer repair manual:

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