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I also would like to know what some of the icons on the fuse box card stand for.

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Or just the service schedule: Maintenance Schedule no idea what your engine is this is for a 1.8T.

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My engine is a 2.0 I am looking for I guess just the owners manual or any manual that can tell me what some of the warning lhts mean. This car had so much done to it before I got it I am considering taking it to the Dealer and letting them go to town on it and put everything back the way it goes.

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Could always go Ebay: CD version: PDF: (I in no way endorse or am affiliated with these sellers, jsut found them with a little searching.) hope it helps. The diver side key lock mechanism is not working and I was wondering if it was due to the fact that a fuse is missing.

Vw golf mk4 user manual pdf:

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