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VA26LHDTV10T User Manual - Page 8 Version 6/5/2008 9 VIZIO VA26L HDTV10T User Manual VIZIO Remote Control REMOTE LED ... GUIDE - Press to increase or decrease the speaker volume. After pressing MENU, navate through the TV channels.... HDMI connects an AV device (such as a set-top box, ...

Rht Side Panel Controls VOLUME / • Increases or decreases ... connect the Analog Audio output of the device to a DVI enabled device, use white for left audio 888-VIZIOCE (888-849-4623).<strong>owners</strong>-<strong>manual</strong>-<strong>vizio</strong>-tv.pdf

VIZIO VA26L HDTV10T User Manual Understanding Basic Controls and Connections Front ... Connect the video and audio (1/8 in your area ...connect the audio from a computer here. mini plug stereo connector) from the same ...2008 11 will help you made on the remote to select the input source that component to change programs or channels...) rooms, then scanning channels will display the television station or program selected by the cable box...

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When not using the remote control for a long ...repeatedly to 120 minutes.

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