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E-mu Vintage Pro Review I'm a sucker for these "vintage" sound boxes, so once Emu announced the Vintage Pro, I knew it was only a matter of time before I bought one.

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Since I've used the Roland expansion boards that cover a similar soundset (Vintage Synth and Keyboards of the 60s/70s), I'll compare the sounds of the two companies.

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Ok, it's not analog and doesn't pretend to be, although you can use the knobs on the front to tweak away most of the paramaters.

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The Vintage Pro is part of the newer Proteus line and shares the same architecture with their other modules, but with a different sound set: 32 MBs of samples, 128-note polyphony, 32 parts, two sets of midi connections, modulation matrix out the wazoo, four-layer voice architecture, S/PDIF output, 24-bit effects, 16-channels of arpeggiators, etc. The difference with the Vintage Pro is that the knobs are slhtly bger, and more retro, than the other modules in the line.

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