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The volunteers create the books and keep them up to date, then give them to new volunteers as they arrive.

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Or if she finds herself craving pancakes in sub-Saharan Africa? Because, chances are, at the start of her service, she was given a newly-printed copy of a country-specific cookbook, written by volunteers who came years before her, and updated frequently since.

<strong>Peace</strong> <strong>Corps</strong> Improved Cookstoves Handbook -

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The official Peace Corps Volunteer Handbook and the organization’s various country guides tell new volunteers how to do many things related to their service, from dressing appropriately to getting proper vaccinations. So where should a volunteer turn if she needs to know what do to with uncooked fufu from the market?

Peace Corps Improved Cookstoves Handbook -

More Than Recipes The Peace Corps itself does not produce them, but unofficial, volunteer-made cookbooks exist in most, if not all, of the 65 countries the Corps operates in, according to the organization.

Peace corp stove manual:

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