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Many of the recipes are simple—small lists of ingredients followed by a handful of steps or a short paragraph of directions—to accommodate for the limited budgets, tools, and cooking devices volunteers have.

Peace Corps Improved Cookstoves Handbook -

The books vary by country, but they tend to feature a mix of indenous cuisine (the book for Tanzania has a recipe for Kachumbari) and approximations of American favorites (the volunteers in Armenia have a recipe for pizza rolls).

<em>Peace</em> <em>Corps</em> Improved Cookstoves Handbook -

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The volunteers create the books and keep them up to date, then give them to new volunteers as they arrive.

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Though the cookbooks often look simple, with copy-shop plastic ring bindings and MS Word layouts, they’re intricate products of their environments. Peace Corps cookbooks are handmade guides for personal survival and world peace.

Peace corp stove manual:

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