Owner manual poweredge 1950

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The following error showed “ and told me to see the owners manual as shown below.

Can't find the boot drive of Dell Poweredge R610 - Systems

I searched for this and came across Steve Jenkins’ posting on the exact error and the response he got from Dan Coulter, an Enterprise Expert Center Server Support Analyst at Dell.

AppNexus Procedure for New Dell Servers Rack

AppNexus Procedure for New Dell Servers Rack

Today I had the problem where after adding new memory to one of our Dell 6950 servers even though we followed the correct steps of putting the new 8GB memory cards in as pairs after booting the server the server showed 82GB instead of the installed 96GB.

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So as to direct traffic accordingly to Steve’s posting rather than posting the answer here I’ve pasted the link to his posting below Seeing as we have more memory arriving soon to match the newly added 8GB cards I’ll just wait for the new cards to fix the problem but a b thanks to Steve and Dan for the answer to the problem.

Owner manual poweredge 1950:

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