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Not all companies pride themselves on being experts in their fields, or on keeping up with technological equipment advances and changes in que.

Konica Minolta magicolor 2200 Color Laser Printer

In fact, if more suppliers employed and trained their sales people to educate first and sell later, we would have fewer unhappy customers out there who think negatively about the supply process in general. Is his goal the quick sale or the long-term relationship?

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Beware the yes/yes answer Would you rather buy from a company that you trust over the long haul, or a yes/yes company that only cares about getting your first purchase? For example, saving 10 cents on a sheet of transfer paper now may cost you dearly if it ruins your copier’s fusing section and turns that $10,000-$50,000 copier into a boat anchor. My heart drops when I hear the frustration and disappointment in a voice on the phone that says, “But my copier sales rep told me the new copier works with all the same materials as my old one. My suggestion, in many cases, is that, if you are upgrading to a new hh-speed, oil-free Laser/LED color copier for your general office needs, also purchase and dedicate a color laser printer for running your transfers.

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Further, if you’re not sure the new copier upgrade you’re thinking of purchasing works with your current throughput materials, find a dedicated, knowledgeable paper supplier and ask. This is a low-cost solution because laser printers run for around $500 now, and special oil-free and hot-fuser transfer papers are available for white fabric, dark fabric, and non-fabric applications that work well with many of them.

Konica minolta magicolor 2200 manual:

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