Genejet plasmid miniprep kit manual

Plasmid DNA Extraction Minipreps Note the standard “miniprep.

Desned to complement Sma’s MISSION sh RNA plasmid DNA that can generate best-in-class viral titers when compared to plasmids purified with competitive products (F. In addition, the kit generates purified plasmid DNA suitable for a wide variety of molecular biology applications, including restriction destions (F. The cell culture medium was replaced at 16 hours and 40 hours post-transfection and then imaged using a fluorescent microscope.

Zyppy Plasmid Miniprep Kit - Plasmid DNA Purification - DNA

Sh RNA plasmid DNA was isolated according to the protocol of each supplier.

Inducible Dharmacon TRIPZ Lentiviral shRNA


The purified plasmid DNA was then used to transfect HEK293T cells.

Inducible Dharmacon TRIPZ Lentiviral shRNA

The Gen Elute HP 96-Well Plasmid Miniprep Kit is desned for hh-throughput purification of plasmid DNA from bacterial cultures.

Genejet plasmid miniprep kit manual:

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