Genejet plasmid miniprep kit manual

GenElute HP 96 Well Plasmid Miniprep Kit Sma-Aldrich

Sh RNA plasmid DNA was isolated according to the protocol of each supplier.

Inducible Dharmacon TRIPZ Lentiviral shRNA

The titer measurements of the resulting lentiviral particles were then determined using a p24-based ELISA.

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Plasmid DNA Extraction Minipreps Note the standard “miniprep.

The kit is capable of generating a yield of up to 10 µg of hh-copy plasmid DNA with a protocol that can be completed in under 50 minutes. Turbo GFP Control Vector (SHC003) purified with the Gen Elute HP 96 Well Plasmid Miniprep kit.

Zyppy Plasmid Miniprep Kit - Plasmid DNA Purification - DNA

The kit protocol can be performed manually with the use of a vacuum manifold and is also compatible with automated liquid handling workstations.

Genejet plasmid miniprep kit manual:

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