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Emergency Management in BC Reference Manual - BC Government

The Form M1 - OGC Notification of Facility / Producing well start-Up / Modification Meeting form is used by permit holders to notify the Commission of start-up or major modification ERP review meetings.

BC District ERP Manual Distribution - ConocoPhillips Canada

Addresses both the threat of wildfire to industry values as well as the potential liability of the oil and gas industry.

Emergency Management in BC Reference <strong>Manual</strong> - BC Government


Startup or major modifications to existing facility ERP review meetings are required for: Gas Processing Plants, Compressors ≥250kw, Dehydration Facilities, Multi-well Oil Batteries, Treatment, Recovery, Disposal (TRD) & Waste Management Facilities, LNG Facilities, Wells/ Facilities with ≥ 5% H2S or upon request by OGC.

Guidebook for team support workers in emergency operations centres

Additional information can be found at https:// Form D - Permit Holder Post Incident Report is to be submitted by the permit holder within 60 days following a level 1, 2 or 3 emergency, any pipeline incident, or upon request from the Commission.

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