Agfa accuset 1000 imagesetter manual

Agfa Accuset Imagesetter

The Accu Set was an all new desn, sharing nothing with previous Agfa Image Setters.

Agfa Accuset 800 with Viper RIP Version 3.0 PDF,

The 1500 is a hh speed version, and the 12 have Agfa Star internal hardware RIPs.

<strong>Accuset</strong> <strong>1000</strong> plus - Service <strong>Manual</strong> / Advice on

Accuset 1000 plus - Service Manual / Advice on

The optical path is simplified, reducing the number of parts and giving a smaller footprint. The Accu Set series have been out long enough to give all of us a consistent supply of used machines in great condition. The standard and orinal machine is the 1000, which features a max of 3000 dpi, 15" per minute at 1200 dpi, and a power cutter.

Apogee Prepress - Agfa

Whatever your imaging needs, there is an Accu Set model for you.

Agfa accuset 1000 imagesetter manual:

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