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Now turn back on and use the instructions below to enter diagnostics mode. Make sure the printer is switched off with the Power key on the front of the printer and not with the power switch on the back of the printer. Wait until the HP logo appears in the front-panel display, then release all keys. In the Diagnostics menu, select a diagnostic test with the arrow keys and press the OK key to begin the hhted test.

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NOTE: If the printer hangs up during a test, switch the printer off and restart from step 1. Tracking number of delivery confirmation that orinal defective board had been returned. Mostlikely, what has happened is the belt has become so frayed that it has split and is wrapped around the motor head on the rht side.

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When pressing a button, be sure to press it deliberately and all the way to the bottom of its travel. The first way is the most obvious, the carriage is jammed and will not move.

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NOTE: In some cases a quick press of a button may not be recognized by the printer. Tom Bush, Tabcom, Inc., 8331 Waterswolde Lane, Fort Wayne, IN 46825 4. There are two easy ways to tell if your desnjet 500 or desnjet 800 printer needs its belt replaced.

Hp designjet 500 c7769b manual:

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