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As luck would have it the other day I received a phone from a client asking about a fault code that was showing up on his S7800 display.

Honeywell RM7800 fault Codes - ControlTrends

When working with a RM7800 system and you get a bazaar fault code ask the client this question “Is there an S7830 Expanded Annunciator installed”.

<em>Honeywell</em> RM7800 fault Codes - ControlTrends

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These fault codes are sent to the S7800 display as so known as the KDM (keyboard display module) that can be mounted on the main RM7800 relay or remotely.

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The S7800 display will show operation and fault information along with other features Over the years Strouist and Company has been selling Honeywell controls and explaining these numeric fault codes to various clients.

Honeywell burner control q7800 manual:

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