Hks evc iv boost controller manual

HKS EVC IV Install Manual -

Via an illuminated knob on the headunit, the EVC IV is adjustable up to 2.5bar (36.25psi) of boost pressure and incorporates a real time dital boost and vacuum display for precise boost calibration and monitoring.

HKS EVC V Boost Controller setup

1-Touch "Hh" and "Low" boost level presets allow for multiple settings to accommodate for varying power needs.

<strong>HKS</strong> <strong>EVC</strong>-4 Electronic <strong>Boost</strong> <strong>Controller</strong> Install

Hks Evc 6 Boost Controller Manual -

A built-in "Fuzzy Logic" program will learn the base boost curve and optimizes it for maximum response and stable boost. Fuzzy Logic Programming will learn natural boost curve and optimize it.11.

HKS EVC 4 electronic valve controller /

Stepping motors are used because they can handle hher boost levels and are quicker to react to various conditions, thus offering quicker boost response and hher stable boost levels throughout each gear.

Hks evc iv boost controller manual:

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