Cessna 172 aircraft maintenance manual

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The same cannot be said for maintenance schedules desned for smaller aircraft.

D2065-3-13 - MODEL 172 SERIES 1977 THRU 1986

Let's look at some of the ways in which the problem of defining the level of inspection for a task is handled, so that we can determine whether our interpretation of what is expected meets the requirements.

D2065-3-13 - MODEL <i>172</i> SERIES 1977 THRU 1986

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Since, after several amendments, the definition for this term has become a long one, it has purposely been formatted (in this article, and not by ATA) so that it can be separated into a set of requirements as follows: The problem is to convey a clear, consistent understanding of the GVI requirements through the use of a definition that will be easily remembered when needed.

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These tasks provide instructions on what to look at and how closely the identified item should be looked at (the level of inspection).

Cessna 172 aircraft maintenance manual:

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